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Welcome to our directory seekitout.co.uk. This directory features a number of hard to get customer service numbers.

We are new, different and our contact numbers are growing by the day. Come and browse through some of the company contact details from the UK we have to offer.

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With this directory, you will be able to find Company Contact Numbers and details of the top companies in the UK. This means that you will be able to contact a bank or a customer service department with ease.

Apart from that, we also list hard-to-find government numbers as well as high street retailers.

Helping you to contact the customer service number you require, so you can get the help you need and get on with your day.

Government Departments As Well As Benefits

The UK government has come up with a set of rules that people are supposed to follow. These rules include tax paying for personal income as well as profits made from a business. However, the government will not only take your hard earned money, but in some cases also give you back some of it. Here are some pages that will help you get a tax rebate for PAYE that you may have overpaid.

Store Departments, Supermarkets & Clothing Retailers

Seek It Out lists some of the biggest retailers are supermarkets. Most people in the UK would choose to go to a supermarkets to get their groceries. Even more, they are nowadays selling electronics, clothes and more. So it is one stop shop so you can purchase everything under one roof. With most supermarkets you can choose to order online for home delivery or collect your goods in-store yourself.

Financial Service Providers, Banks & Insurers

These days, almost every person has a bank account. Therefore, many people’s accounts are nowadays being frozen with the aim of protecting accounts from fraud. This, therefore, means that you will have to phone the bank to resolve any issues now and then.

Many people also use telephone & online banking. It doesn’t matter what your reason to calling your bank. If you need to give them a call, just get the right number from our Business Directory and call them for a faster connection to a customer service team. Several banks provide a helpline service that is fully staffed during the working hours and an automated helpline available for 24 hours every day.


People do not only use the postal services to deliver packages . There are plenty of alternatives available for people to send their parcels around the country. Royal mail is another organisation that has been in the industry for years; it is an independent organisation which is now trading on the stock London stock exchange. However, it is facing very stiff competition from the private Couriers like Yodel as well as DPD & DHL.

Airlines And Travel Agents

Flying anywhere in the world for work or a holiday weekend is never easy. This is because you will find that some airlines are more expensive compared to others. If you choose to go for the budget airlines, then you will be able to get a cheaper flight. If you choose to go for the premium airlines, then you are guaranteed comfort. These types of airlines also provide classes to suit the wealthy people.

Call Costs

All the 01, 02, and the 03 are normally identical. They are similar to the standard rate used to call the numbers from within the UK. For some specific charity helplines, calling can be free on some specific tariffs. If you are calling from abroad, then you will find that calling the numbers 02 and 01 is way cheaper.

If you have subscribed for a free minutes package, then you can call these numbers. This is because they are compatible with this package. However, for numbers 087, 089, 1118, and 09, it is important for you to know that they are not compatible with the free minute’s package.


Seek It Out does not have any connection with the companies or government department listed on our website. The contact details the we list can often be found from other sources.

Seek It Out is a call routing service, this means that when you call one of our numbers you will be connected directly to the company or government department with no call queuing by us.

We charge 7p per minute for calls made to our 0843 numbers from a BT landline, plus any charges from our provider. From other call operators like o2, Vodafone, EE or Tesco Mobile the charges will be more.